Ferromin’s high density aggregates answer the call when a design requires low-volume, high-weight concrete or loose ballast.  Our high quality aggregates have been used successfully in Cancer Treatment Buildings, Medical Research Reactors, Nuclear Reactors and Spent Fuel Canister production.

Ferromin’s FerroShield™ and FerroDense™ is produced from a high-quality deposit of a natural iron oxide called magnetite. Having access to reliable supplies of magnetite, ilmenite and hematite allows Ferromin to produce aggregates in a range of densities, while maintaining concrete gradation specifications.

Reliable Supply from In-House Resources

Ferromin acquired the Tomclid Iron mine in Eastern Ontario in 2005. The Tomclid is a high-grade magnetite mine with substantial reserves allowing us to provide reliable, long term supply of consistent quality products. We are able to produce medium-density aggregate with a specific gravity of 3.0 – 4.0 and high-density aggregates from 4.0 – 5.2.