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Special Properties

The high density of FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ results in decreased volume for a given weight, or alternatively, an increased weight per given volume, offering a better overall economy.

The excellent particle characteristics of FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ enable the easy production of high quality, high strength concrete with a density of up to 240 lbs./ft3, some 65% denser than standard concrete which is typically 145 pounds per cubic foot.


FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ products have a long history of use as a construction material for both in-situ and precast applications. It is one of the few “environmentally friendly” materials available: it is a naturally occurring iron oxide which is harmless to the environment, and non-toxic in all its forms.

Concrete made with high density aggregates is favoured over other shielding technologies as it is also a structural material.

Advantages of high particle density in FerroShield™ and FerroDense™

  • Reduced volumes = less excavation / transportation / reinforcement and time
  • Increased weight for a given volume
  • Reduced heat of hydration
  • High submerged / saturated density
  • High radiation shielding characteristics
  • Space saving
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Thermal energy storage

Standard Construction Grades

FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ is supplied from strategic stockpiles throughout North America and is available in grades from 28mmm down to powder fineness. FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ grades can be customized to specific customer requirements.

No quantity is too large or too small.

Deliveries in bulk or 1 ton super sacks.

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 3.0 – 5.2 (medium to high density)
Bulk Density 120 - 240 lbs./ft3
Hardness 5.0 - 6.0 Moh.s
H2O Absorption < 0.5%
Particle Shape Angular
Surface Texture Rough

Excellent Workability

High-density concrete can be produced and handled with traditional methods used in the production and placement of standard concrete, when taking into account the increased weight.


Coarse – Dense Aggregates

28mm – 5mm (SG – 4.3 – 4.4) & (SG 4.6 – 4.7) 0 – 5mm
5mm – 1mm 0 – 1mm

Coarse – Medium Density Aggregates

19mm – 5 mm (SG 3.4)
Specular Hematite (SG 5.0 – 5.2) 10-50 Mesh
Concentrated Ilmenite (SG 4.25 – 4.4) 1 – 5mm