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Applications and Uses of Ferromin

FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ products are available as standard grades or tailor made to unique and precise specifications. It can be used as loose ballast, or as aggregate to produce high-quality, high-density concrete that is easily produced and placed using standard equipment.

Loose Ballast

  • Offshore ballasting of rigs and caissons
  • Scour protection for underwater structures or pipelines –Ground stabilisation – to reduce piling

High Density Concrete

  • Underwater concrete (tunnels, pipeline mattresses)
  • Counterweights (bridges, locks, sluices, elevators, excavators)
  • Coastal protection (breakwaters – precast antifer cubes)
  • Pipe Coating (negative buoyancy coatings)
  • Radiation Shielding (medical & nuclear) – Ready mix, concrete block, masonry sand, pre-cast

With its outstanding properties and compliance with ASTM and CSA standards FerroShield™ / FerroDense™ continues to gain ground in many new and varied applications and industries.